Maximum Awareness! You can't miss an eight-mile long billboard typed across the sky. It's not lost in the everyday advertising clutter.

Guaranteed Excellent Coverage! We bring your Sky Billboards™ to the specific demographics you're targeting- young, old, ethnic, affluent, etc.

Get A Billboard Where You Can't Always Buy One! Coliseums, sport stadiums, amusement parks and beaches.

Most Efficient Way To Reach The Outdoor Crowds! "Conventional Media" - TV, newspapers, magazines and radio stations cannot reach the outdoor crowds efficiently but skytyping is common to all and keeps you high above the competition.

It's Flexible! Copy can be quickly changed, as well as the needed location. We can type in Spanish, French, German and even Japanese. With skytyping, there is no artwork and construction time delays as in conventional billboards.

Entertaining, Fun And Spectacular! Our giant Sky Billboards™ catch your eye and curiosity compels you to read the message.

It's Remembered! It's hard to forget the world's largest billboards formed "RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES."


Quick: How long is the average consumer’s attention span? Statistics abound but it’s commonly accepted that to get their attention you have 1 to 2 seconds for a print ad and less than 15 seconds for a website.

With remote control and TIVO™ technology, audiences can zip by TV advertising faster than ever. And if you don’t get their attention, they’re gone…period. Interactive Sky Billboards™ get consumer attention fast because it’s something truly out of the ordinary. Natural curiosity freezes people in their tracks while they try to figure out the message before it gets fully displayed. Once read, the message has been reinforced by focused attention, reading comprehension and if the brand or message is unfamiliar, a strong interest to find out more.

The photo on the right shows a 20 character long message for a website. Although it took over two minutes to complete, viewers literally stood and watched the entire formation of the Sky Billboard™. Better yet, consumers over fifteen miles away could read and understand the message. The power of this medium to promote attention and interaction is unique. No other mass market medium has the power to interrupt, engage and deliver a message.



There’s nothing quite like having your branding message in quarter-mile high letters stretching five or more miles 10,000 feet up in a clear sky directly over a viewing audience of one to four million people!


There’s nothing like watching people all over an entire city looking up for minutes at a time, reading a Sky Billboard™ one letter at a time, reinforcing your brand message ito their minds. And there’s nothing like watching TV, radio and print media covering an event suddenly look up to start covering your unfolding Skytypers message for their audiences as well.


While Skytypers has absolutely the highest awareness of any form of outdoor advertising, it has the lowest CPM of any kind of advertising…period. For less than the cost of a full-page ad you can have a 30 to 1 gain in exposure with greater recall and retention of your brand.


Skytypers - 1-888-SKYTYPE (1-888-759-8973)