Mass Marketing Product Or Service Areas

Our primary service region in the East Coast is the New York City Metro area. Specifically the five boroughs, Long Island and the Jersey Shore. The West Coast’s primary service region is Southern California and Las Vegas. Specifically Malibu south to San Diego, covering Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

Our secondary service regions in the Northeast are Boston and Washington, D.C. In the Southwest, San Francisco and Phoenix. Secondary markets have a slightly higher fee base due to additional transportation or ferrying and lodging expenses. Call your local account executive for details or other market areas.

Mass- Market Multi-day Launch

Skytypers can simultaneously launch in the Northeast and Southwest with Mass-market multi-day launches:

East Coast

DAY ONE: Boston south to the Jersey Shores

DAY TWO: Washington, D.C. through Maryland

DAY THREE: The Carolinas

DAY FOUR: Florida’s east coast

West Coast

DAY ONE: San Diego (San Diego County)

DAY TWO: Malibu (LA County) to Long Beach (Orange County)

DAY THREE: San Francisco (San Francisco County)

DAY FOUR: Las Vegas (Clark County)

Mass Marketing Product Or Service Areas
East Coast

Beach Campaign Strategy

Beaches are one of the most popular travel activities. One in ten person-trips (10%) includes going to a beach, equating to 109.5 million domestic person-trips taken in the U.S. in 2003. Long trips are popular with beach-goers as 36 percent of beach person-trips last a week or longer. Among household trips including beaches, 41 percent include children. (Source: Domestic Travel Market Report, 2004 Edition.)

Beach campaigns have been used by major marketers from Coppertone to Miller for decades, and they have proven to be an excellent advertising venue because of how the consumers reach to Sky Billboards™ and the rich mix of demographics. The single biggest benefit however is the advertising-free environment at the beaches.

Skytypers stands unique with beach campaigns, unlike Blimps that are painfully slow. We can travel great distances and provide better ROI. Unlike Tow Banners, our Sky Billboards™ are huge and provide much greater visibility for your advertising dollar!

Local beach campaigns, for example, can run the length of the shore in the West Coast, say from San Diego through Malibu. On the East Coast, from New Jersey Shores, Long Island south shore up to Rhode Island, Newport. See typical beach coverage areas below.

Beach Campaign Strategy