Brand Campaigns

Geico Skytypers

With more than 600 air shows in the United States and Canada each year, GEICO saw tremendous potential to increase brand awareness. A large percentage of the more than 12 million attendees are well-educated adults and young families, one of GEICO’s primary target markets. Not only are they well attended, 75% of airshows receive front page local newspaper coverage plus television and radio publicity.

The squadron, known as the "GEICO SKYTYPERS", skytype above the audience and perform a low level precision formation airshow in their WWII era aircaft. This low level airshow enables the crowd to see the clients logos and branding on the aircraft and brings high engery of noise and professional flying that captures the audience. After landing, the aircraft are prominently displayed with GEICO logos and signage while pilots answer questions, pose for photos and sign autographs


Massive Billboards In Japan

In 1980, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. introduced Pocari Sweat, its Power-ade-like electrolyte replenishment drink. In 1989, as a key element in mass marketing their product expansion, the CEO, Mr. Otsuka, chose Skytypers to assist in promoting brand awareness all over Japan. The great success of this “special” advertising campaign led to repeat business, albeit after 17 years! The current CEO of Otsuka (and son of the CEO who had originally hired Skytypers!) requested a return advertising campaign visit in June, 2005


Dentsu, the advertising firm commissioned by Otsuka to lead this campaign, used Skytypers to spearhead a new major branding push. Coordinating all of Japan’s media, including contests, television, radio and print, Dentsu mounted an aggressive countrywide campaign. Internet web-logs even published where the Skytypers would be flying every day. When the Sky Billboards™ were deployed over the 20 million consumers in Tokyo, Dentsu’s on-ground monitoring (over 200 employees with cellular phones tracking every aspect of audience response) concluded that the Skytypers exposure was larger and more cost-effective than all other media, including television! The aircraft were painted in Pocari colors and outfitted with “Pocari Sweat” logos. At events publicized in advance all over the country, Skytyper messages were “skytyped” in Japanese and English! Accompanying on-ground displays in which the public could get pilot autographs and take photographs helped affirm the unique and compelling experience. In a span of just 45 days, there were 30 major news stories plus features on 21 TV shows! The resulting publicity, including collateral media coverage, was the largest Japan had ever witnessed. Now, Pocari Sweat is the strongest brand not only in Japan, but throughout Asia!

The Skytypers Miller Squadron

For over four years, Miller Brewing used Skytypers planes for media events around the country. Dubbed the ”Miller Squadron“, the aircraft were painted in Miller colors, displayed Miller logos and had ”It’s Miller Time” painted on the bottom of the wings.

The Skytypers ”Miller Squadron” traveled to airshows, fairs and other large media events across the country. After skytyping ”It’s Miller Time”, pilots met with the public, signed autographs and posed for pictures next to their aircraft with the Miller logo prominently displayed. The squadron was very popular at events, both in the sky and on the ground, and Miller Brewing increased their brand awareness time and time again. The Miller Squadron would do Guerilla Marketing over Budweiser’s key outdoor events.


A Really Big Gulp

In Texas, Stop ‘n Go Markets conducted a five week campaign for its fountain drinks using Skytypers with radio ads to”generate immediate impact and awareness”. Testing a combination of outdoor and store signage, radio advertising and Skytypers, the Sky Billboards™ showed an immediate reaction in sales in the two test markets.

Confirmed by an independent research company, test market one increased sales over 200% every week (200% to 288%). Test market two increased sales over 300% for four of the five weeks (285% to 475%). The control test market with signage alone increased 100% and less for four out of the five weeks (37% to 200%).

Drink campain