Skytypers is dedicated to working with our business clients to create unique advertising campaigns across any division and location around the world. This type of advertising will improve the ability for companies to compete much more effectively and provide for a higher ROI than other media buys. We are trigger for all social media campaigns.

From Global Fortune 100’s like Pepsi-Cola to mass-market giants like Ford Motor Company, we’ve helped world-class brands reach thousands with Skytypers messaging. Imagine letters as tall as the Empire State Building in New York City with a span of five to seven miles in length. You can’t buy a billboard that large!

Since 1932, companies have relied on Skytypers to assist with bringing their brand to the masses over large cities, sporting events, beaches and other events. Companies can own the sky in any location around the world without the clutter of other advertising. Let Skytypers help your company create a cost-effective campaign for your products or services.