For over 80 years, Skytypers have created magical messaging in the sky at major events such Nascar, NFL, Olympics, PGA, concerts, parades, air shows, television premieres and more. The Skytypers fleets have also been featured in blockbuster movies and commercials.

Skytypers is the only company in the world that can put your special announcements, promotions, sponsors and logos in the sky anywhere in the world. Imagine your message with each letter larger than the Empire State Building in New York City being typed out over a span of five-to-seven-miles – it’s huge!


Why not partner with us to help your organization create a new revenue stream by featuring unique branding messages for your games, events and/or sponsors? Let Skytypers assist your team in creating this one-of-a-kind giant billboard in the sky opportunity at your events with a campaign for massive exposure.