Much bigger than blimps... This photo gives a perfect example of the relative visibility between a blimp and a Skytypers message. Although consumers can usually spot a blimp, most simply assume it’s advertising Goodyear and go back to what they were doing.

The blimp message flashes colors and uses movement to attract attention. But what good is noticing an airship when the message cannot be read more than a few miles away and only when it’s correctly oriented toward the viewer?

Contrast that with Skytypers message that is interactive and dynamic. You can run multiple messages, it’s miles long, highly visible and easily readable. Consumers stand and watch the message unfold before their eyes. It often becomes a game as viewers try to figure out the rest of the message. This translates to longer viewing time and more positive re-enforcement of the message.

Banners or Billboards are even smaller... Even the largest banner/billboard is tiny in comparison to Skytypers messages. Flying low and slow so the message can be read, towed banners are fairly common along beach areas. However, post 9/11, FAA regulations restrict banners over most major populated areas or special events. At 10,000 feet, Skytypers sky billboards™ can be place above just about any event without restriction.

Wherever there are major conventions, shows or other large target audiences, you'll also find the press. While they usually ignore banners and blimps, Skytypers sky billboards™ are so huge, visible and unusual, your message will often be part of the local news as well. This collateral media coverage can easily double or triple the number of consumers seeing your message.

Aerial Advertising Assessment


Towed Banner Billboard



Sky Billboard™

Who provides the service;

Multiple in any major U.S. market

(“me too” medium)

4 to 6 total in the U.S.

(lost art)

Only one provider in the world!

Number of aircraft used to perform service;




Altitude of aircraft


FAR 91.119; Over any congested area of a city, or over any open air assembly of persons, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft.

10,000’ to 12,000’


Length of Time To Display Copy;

N/A - boards are produced pre-flight

1 ½+ minutes per character

4 seconds per character

Size of display;

39’ high x 86’ long on average

(text banners are 5’ to 7’ tall)

1,300’ high x 7,920’

(6 characters)

1,250’ high x 26,400’ long

(20 characters)

Square Footage of a Single Message;

4,031 on average



How copy is displayed while in flight;

N/A - boards are produced pre-flight

Manual – art form (depends on pilot’s

skill level)

Patented on-board computer system

Vary Copy in Flight;


Difficult to do.

Yes – all you want



Probably not


Duration of reader visibility of entire copy (estimated);

45 seconds

1 minute

(entire copy will not be readable at one time)

3 to 5 minutes (entire 20 character copy will be readable at one time)

Viewable Distance (estimated);

Up to 1/2 mile

Up to 15 miles

Up to 15 miles

Interactive Medium;




Production Costs;

$10,900 on average

($3.25 per square foot)



Cost per thousand;


Not available


Typical cost for service;

$500 to $650 per hour (plus production costs)

$2000 to $5000

(writes copy only

once or twice)

$1,500 per message

(skytype variable copy a minimum of 10 times)

Length of time over target audience;

2 hours


1 hour

3 hours

Strategic placement;

Extremely limited for many targets

Reach any audience anywhere

Reach any

audience anywhere

Risks – possibility of billboard falling from aircraft;


(it’s actually happened)



Liability Insurance;

Not always, you should ask first

Not always, client should ask first


FAA Restrictions;

Several since post 9/11



Can fly over event while it is progress?


(per theTransportation Safety Admin)



Who should you fly with?