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Spartan Research & Consulting

George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA
Dba Spartan Research And Consulting

Cell phone: 425-241-5016


Spartan Research helps clients optimize value on a present-value basis by researching, developing and implementing strategies and tactics suited to their individuality.


  • Integrity - honest and forthright in business dealings

  • Objectivity - impartial and free from conflict of interest

  • Independence - objective and impartial so our priority is pursuit of the truth and evaluating all of the facts without conflict of interest

Service Offerings

  • Capital market research

  • Due diligence

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Restructuring & asset sales

  • Licensing formulas

To learn about how Spartan Research can help you create added-value, please take a few moments to review this short Power Point presentation.
Power Point Presentation on Spartan Research

Examples Of How We Create Added-value In Public Venues

*Reach mass markets with a 30 to 1 gain in exposure and retention of brand equity for less than the cost of a full page advertisement. The exposure ratio doubles with leveraging the Internet / New Media. Contact us to learn how to achieve this goal.

*Increase shareholder value through sustainability. Contact us to learn how to effectively integrate sustainability into your business model that will produce recurring economic benefits and build brand equity.

*Develop your own personal brand equity. To learn about my strategies: Please listen to my Contact Radio Network interviews from 6/4/2011 and 10/25/2010 [i.e., stream in from your computer] now OR download later onto your computer and listen at a time of your choice OR free download from iTunes. Here are the web links:

(1) Contact Talk Radio Network web link:
(2) Radio show host Brenda Owens' web link:
(3) iTunes free download web link:

How To Order Our Investment Workbook

When ordering our book, have the following information on hand:

Author: George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA
Title: "Dollars and Sense: A Workbook on the ABCs of Investments"
ISBN: 9780-1007-2482-2

Fastest turnaround is to order by telephone: 858-534-7963

Available on print-to-order basis from UCSD Bookstore -- Course Materials Department
UCSD Bookstore, M.C. 0008, University of California-San Diego

Author Notes: (1) It is best to contact the bookstore directly by telephone and provide all the information given [esp. the ISBN number] so that your order can be processed in a timely basis. (2) Please let me know when you order a book and I will be pleased to send you a signed book plate!

Education Offerings

  • Quantitative Methods in Finance & Business

  • Game Theory

  • Mathematics Workbook – Mathematics, The Layman and Daily Life, by V.E. Haloulakos, ENGR.D.

For information on our education offerings, please write to us at:

Flying High – Exploring New Frontiers via Hobby-Related Interests 

Click here to read our critically acclaimed technical paper on The Science of Space Flight in Classic Sci-Fi Cinema


George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA – Teacher, Author and Entrepreneur. Chartered Financial Analyst [CFA] and consultant: DBA Spartan Research and Consulting specializing in finance, strategy and new business ventures. Published author of DOLLAR$ AND SENSE: A Workbook on the ABCs of Investments. Award winning university instructor. Hobbyist – aviation, spaceflight and science fiction. Lifetime member of Strathmore's Who's Who Registry of Business Leaders. Member of ordained clergy in Orthodox Church in America (rank/title of Reverend Protodeacon).


University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business
MBA (Master of Business Administration), Finance.
Graduate Assistant – Finance & Business Economics.

Undergraduate record: Honors at Entrance student at USC Marshall School of Business graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS degree. Specialty: Quantitative Business Analysis. 
Activities and Societies: Phi Kappi Phi and Beta Gamma Sigma National Honor Societies.

A Personal Statement

In keeping with my Spartan heritage, I strive to serve each client with honor, dignity and integrity. My profession is to deliver optimal solutions for any and all situations.
George A. Haloulakos, MBA, CFA