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Skytypers adds value for the client with high-powered outdoor advertising at superior price/value – a 30 to 1 gain in exposure with greater recall and retention of a brand identity for less than the cost of a full page advertisement. This ratio doubles when taking into account the collateral benefit of leveraging the Internet / New Media as exemplified by the latest service offering – “Skytexting.”

The World’s Only Text Messaging System in the Sky Skytypers’ latest service offering -- “Skytexting” – enables
clients to reach millions of cell phone users at once [without the cost of buying phone lists already sold multiple times]. Cell phone users in any outdoor venue are able to interact with sky billboards™ as clients post key words in the sky along with the number for texting a reply. The client is able to log in and watch the market response to an advertising campaign in real time. “Skytexting” enables clients to capitalize on the exponential growth of text messaging and use of cell phone cameras. First, natural curiosity freezes people in their tracks as they try to figure out the message before it gets fully displayed. Once read, the message is reinforced by focused attention and comprehension. If the brand or message is unfamiliar, it stimulates interest to find out more. The audience can text their response to the client and share it with members of their own personal network, which, in turn, facilitates further interest!

Skytexting is the latest in a continuing series of pioneering techniques of outdoor advertising by Skytypers. In this instance, Skytypers has played a historic role in the convergence of outdoor advertising with the Internet / New Media. The so-called new media age where images and events are immediately shared worldwide because people are now connected “24/7” with Internet and mobile communications technology provides an enormous advantage for Skytypers. This is because the uniqueness of Skytyper services and its method of effective branding differentiate it from other forms of media communications, and the Internet and mobile communications (e.g., video cellular telephones) reinforce the company’s preeminence.

There are two major historic examples that affirm this: First, when Lady Diana (AKA “Princess Di”) passed away unexpectedly in 1997, worldwide acclaim on prime time television was received by Skytypers when they wrote “DI” in the sky. This image was repeatedly broadcast and shared via Internet, forever linking Skytypers in a positive way with a sad event because it was properly perceived as a loving tribute to a beloved public figure.

A second example occurred in 2005 when Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) used Skytypers to outmaneuver Intel in a dazzling display of “guerilla marketing.” At the Intel Developer Conference in San Francisco, AMD had Skytypers put their Turion 64 chip Sky Billboard™ right over the top of the conference itself to remind attendees that the AMD chip would be major competition for the Intel chip! Not only did the attendees get the message, all the media surrounding the conference, including Internet based media, picked up the story, and sent the AMD brand name all over the world.

Skytexting is the “bridge” between Sky Billboards™ and the Internet in which a unique, interactive mass-market medium is projected and shared on a “virtual” worldwide stage!