sky typing
sky typing


Blood Bank Reaches For The Sky To Get Donors

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― A Sacramento blood bank is reaching sky high to grab the attention of potential donors.

Dozens of Sacramentans were looking up this morning as a unique advertising campaign was literally typed across the sky.

Five special airplanes flew at 10,000 feet in formation and emitted vapor "puffs" in a dot matrix pattern over the HIghway 50 and Interstate 80 corridors spelling out several messages including "Give Blood, Save A Life" and "BloodSource 60 Years".

The messages were made on behalf of BloodSource who is celebrating 60 years in Sacramento and reminding people to donate the gift of life.

Each letter in the messages is actually taller than the Empire State Building.  The messages are "typed" by onboard computers in the planes that regulate the puffs of biodegradable vapor.

Most people we talked to who saw the message thought it was unique. "That's creative. It's a good way to remind people to give blood," said one woman who stopped to read the ad.

BloodSource hopes the sky-high messages will remind people to give blood and let them know that they will get a pint of ice cream for the effort! 

BloodSource provides blood and services to 40 area hospitals and helps patients across the nation when other blood centers cannot meet their needs.